The Lost City

Episode 1-1: A Desperate Hope

The sandstorm meant trouble was just beginning...

Player Characters

Brother Tidus: Cleric (Level 1)…Randy K.
Rza: Magic-User (Level 1)…Trent G.
Turoc: Fighter (Level 1)…Brad H.
Eternulax the Immortal: Magic-User (Level 1)…Tony C.


Taanyth: Elf (Level 1), employed by Brother Tidus
Kaolio: Thief (Level 1), employed by Rza
Brother Sebastian: Cleric (Level 1), employed by Turoc
Snatch the Suicidal: Thief (Level 1), employed by Eternulax the Immortal

A group of travelers are separated from their caravan during a great sandstorm while crossing the Aalysian Desert. When the storm subsides, they are lost in the seemingly endless dunes. They continue traveling in the direction the caravan was originally taking until their mounts have died, and both their food and their water are gone. Two days after drinking the last of their water, the party stumbles upon a step pyramid rising from the sands in the midst of a ruined city. Atop the structure they see three statues—a bearded man, a child with two cobras twined about his body, and a beautiful warrior maiden.

In the side of the pyramid, they discover secret door held open by the body of a an albino man in robes and a bronze monkey mask. He has been shot in the back by a crossbow.

Faced with the alternative of dying of hunger and thirst or seeking food and water within the pyramid, the party enters. Inside, they find the empty crossbow trap that killed the man in the monkey mask as he was leaving the pyramid, as well as several traps in working order guarding the hollow bases of the three statues atop the pyramid. Within the bases they see ladders ascending upwards into the statues and downward into the dark room below. Moving within the room are three creatures with glowing red spots on their bodies, shedding an eerie light.

The three creatures are giant beetles. The desparate adventurers descend in the room and kill two of the beetles, causing the third one to flee up the wall and into a hole in ornate carvings near the ceiling. Sadly, Kaolio the thief is slain by one of the beetles during the fight.

Through trial and error, the party discovers they can remove the glowing glands from the bodies of the two dead beetles, and use them as a dim light source. They salvage four glands in this way, preparing to explore further into the pyramid.



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